Monday, January 16, 2012

Jan started off bad

Wow has this year been rocking...lets be honest it straight up sucks. On my Bday (Jan 6th) I found out my babies heartbeat had stopped. it was heartbreaking and so sad. what a birthday right. So i spent that day in the hospital. My baby ( Dylan ThomasWebb) was born and died on Jan 7th 2012, at 2:08a.m. he was a wonderful 11.5 inches long and weighed 1 Lb 15 ozs. he looked alot like Riley...he was the best. i am so glad i got to hold him, and hold his hand and be his mom for 10 hours. On Friday the 13th was his funeral, he was buried in a little white casket. and i am glad he is at piece. I love my boy more than words can say and I cant wait till I can see him again. So now I am ready to move on and get ready to focus on my wonderful children on earth and me. Ive spent so much time being pregnant over the past year that i am ready to be done. Thanks to all the wonderful and amazing people that helped our family get through this rough time. we love you all

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Its been a while

Wow it has been a much has been going on. I am 28 weeks (7 month) and starting to get uncomfortable. but i am enjoy each day and I'm not in any rush for him to come, i do want him here, but since Im not having anymore enjoying it. The kids are super excited for Baby Dylan... 76 days till he comes...yay, chris and mike are doing great, in school and with everything else. they are some easy teenagers. ry, is doing good, and kaitlyn is getting tall...its crazy too look at her and see her reach the counter, she is my baby....Chris is working his butt off as always.
it is the beginning of Jan...and still no snow...what is going on? it was like 50 today...crazy crazy.
Chris and I have a hugh surprise coming up that only a few select people know about....Its going to be awesome......................................
Christmas was great. my babe got me some Brad Paisley, the band perry and Scotty Mqueery tickets..we got Jan 27th...I CANT wait...well thats all for now. love ya

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My First Son

I finally am 19 weeks pregnant, and so EXCITED!!!! I found out on Oct 25th, that I am having a boy. When i first got there, to get the ultrasound I wasnt really excited. I could go either way. But when the guy told me he was 100% boy, I was so excited...I was finally gonna have my own little man,that came from me and chris. I was freaking out. But then worried.. I dont have anything for him...NOTHING because everything I have is for girls. So what am I gonna do?? Then i was like its ok I still have 5 months to get stuff. I will be fine... So Now are family will be changing from 3 boys and 3 girls, to 4 boys and 3 girls....BOYS

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hello world. well most of you know what i have been through these past few months. and it has been one roller coaster after another. Chris and I are still trying to have a successful pregnancy. so keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. the kids are doing great as always, and im so looking forward to the snow and cold to go away and the nice warm weather to come. Im sick of my kids being coped up inside. its time for them to be set free. well thats it for now. hope everyone has a good night =)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Riley thought Halloween was gonna be canceled because of the rain. So we prayed together that the rain would stop. thankfully it did, so we went out in the cold. It didnt take Kaitlyn very long and she was ready to go home, Riley and I kept going, for another street. It was fun to dress up with the girls. I love being a mommy

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just Venting

So I havent really have anything exciting to post. my life is pretty typical , i stay home all day and take care of all my kids. pretty basic. lol right. yeah thats what i love., so i went to the doctor on monday, i took kaitlyn, riley and chris. I got an ultrasound and we all got to see our new little addition wave his/her hand., it was too cute, but im only 9 weeks i didnt know they could do that by now. oh well, so far so good, im not sick anymore thank goodness, and unfortunately I am starting to feel pregnant, and gain a belly and some weight ( i think) i havent weighed my self. but hey this is what i wanted right?
yes it is, sometimes I'm not to sure, when my kids give me a hard time, I'm like how the heck and I gonna do this with a baby. Maybe 1 out of 5 times i have a hard time with my kids, so thats not to bad right? am i gonna be able to take care of 5 kids mostly by myself? I havent been able to sleep cause that is on my mind constantly. I really want this I do... But I think it is normal for any mother to be scared of raising all 5 kids ( well any mother that has 5 kids) and think can i do this without going insane?
So what can I do to help me sleep better? not to mention Kaitlyn isnt sleeping either, she is starting to have nightmares and I dont know what to do about them. I get up with her, take care of what she needs. get her back to sleep, but then I cant sleep, I am worried about her. so I just lay there... what do i do.
well i guess i have done enough complaining. lol i always tell me kids not to complain and here i am complain. oh well. I am really exciting for November 1. I will be 20 weeks and we will be able to find out what I am having ( hopefully) what will it be a boy or girl.
I dont care what I have, chris, riley and chris say girl. mike says boy..who is gonna be right?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Were Growing

So i sat all my children down and asked them, how would they feel about another little one running around? at first they looked at me like I was crazy, 5 kids are you sure that you can and want to do that. but of course everyone is excited. so we are going to have another little boy or girl. I'm not that crazy it just looks like i am. I absolutely love my kids, i love being with them and i'm pretty good at it. lil chris is 13, and he is so looking forward with help me, and being more responsible. they are all getting so big, and i know each and everyone of them with be a great help. Now my goal is to have kaitlyn potty trained before he or she comes,. i got 7 1/2 months do you think I can do it?