Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just Venting

So I havent really have anything exciting to post. my life is pretty typical , i stay home all day and take care of all my kids. pretty basic. lol right. yeah thats what i love., so i went to the doctor on monday, i took kaitlyn, riley and chris. I got an ultrasound and we all got to see our new little addition wave his/her hand., it was too cute, but im only 9 weeks i didnt know they could do that by now. oh well, so far so good, im not sick anymore thank goodness, and unfortunately I am starting to feel pregnant, and gain a belly and some weight ( i think) i havent weighed my self. but hey this is what i wanted right?
yes it is, sometimes I'm not to sure, when my kids give me a hard time, I'm like how the heck and I gonna do this with a baby. Maybe 1 out of 5 times i have a hard time with my kids, so thats not to bad right? am i gonna be able to take care of 5 kids mostly by myself? I havent been able to sleep cause that is on my mind constantly. I really want this I do... But I think it is normal for any mother to be scared of raising all 5 kids ( well any mother that has 5 kids) and think can i do this without going insane?
So what can I do to help me sleep better? not to mention Kaitlyn isnt sleeping either, she is starting to have nightmares and I dont know what to do about them. I get up with her, take care of what she needs. get her back to sleep, but then I cant sleep, I am worried about her. so I just lay there... what do i do.
well i guess i have done enough complaining. lol i always tell me kids not to complain and here i am complain. oh well. I am really exciting for November 1. I will be 20 weeks and we will be able to find out what I am having ( hopefully) what will it be a boy or girl.
I dont care what I have, chris, riley and chris say girl. mike says boy..who is gonna be right?

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Stacey said...

You will be just fine. You are a great mom and can handle 5. It may be hard at times but you will pull through it. As for the sleeping get used to not being able to sleep. It only gets worse from here with being uncomfortable to hearing the baby cry at night. You worry about her becuase you are a good mom and to tell a mom to quit worrying is like telling a dog not to bark. You will always worry about kids and they will keep you up all night. Your a great mom!!!!! I cant wait to find out its a BOY!!!!!!!!!