Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wow its been a while

So things are finally feeling like normal and we finally feel like things are settled in. almost 3 weeks here. i cant believe it. so much has changed, but then so much is still the same. kaitlyn is starting to stand alone, before i know it she will be walking.. she is only going on 10 months and she is growing so fast. Riley. has changed alot, she is in kindergarten, all day long and she loves it so much. she is already one of the smartest in her class ( i didnt see that one coming) lol. chris is in a junior high type school without his brother... its way different but i think he loves being seperated. mikey is in the highest grade in the school so of course he feels like he needs to take care of his sister in the smallest. how cute.
well today was ry's first school assembly ever. so so so cute. pictures will come. but other than that we are doing good, we found a good place and it even has a fenced in back yard!!! well that is all for now.. we hate the

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finally in NY

so i have been in ny for about 2 days and things are going ok. its nice to be back with the family. but the snow is crazy... ugh i can deal with it. kaitlyn has been sick, i think its cause of the climate change. but she will adjust. we are waiting to hear back on a house, so keep your fingers crossed. chris has been under alot of stress from the move, lets hope it gets better within the next week. other than that things are good and we are happy. but we miss alot of special people in utah. and we love them oh so dearly